I’ve been a puppeteer in film and television for over 30 years.

I started out as a mime, attending The Mime School Unlimited in Toronto and L’Ecole De Mime Corporeal (Omnibus) in Montreal. During this time I also studied clown with Richard Pochinko, performing with his troupe in New York and Germany. as well, I’ve studied with the Del Arte School  (masks), and Dean Gilmore (clown). I studied voice with David Smukler, Michelle George and Rae Ellen Brody. Improvisation I studied at The Second City with Alan Guttman and Bruce Hunter who I later went on to work with for many years. I  studied acting at The New School of Drama  and film acting at the  the Professional Actors Lab.

Juggling mime sheep in Germany

Juggling mime sheep in Germany

So where’s the puppetry? In 1983 I was working in a mime troupe with Rob Mills and Trish Leeper. The Muppets came to Toronto to shoot Fraggle Rock . The Three of us got hired on to run around in body suits as the Gorg  characters. Four years of working on Fraggle Rock taught me most of what I know about puppetry. To be sure I ‘ve learned more over the years, I learned something from every production I’ve been on.  I  also  took workshops with people like  The Puppetongers Powell,  Albrecht Roser and Nikki Tilroe to name a few, but the Muppets laid the base and set the bar. Click on the history link to see my full resume.

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